Owning A Horse Without The Hassle

Horse OwnershipMore Americans are discovering why riding off into the sundown equates to living “gladly ever after.”.

With current films such as “Seabiscuit” and “Hidalgo” topping the charts, it seems steeds are more popular than ever – but it’s not simply Hollywood.

The trend is sweeping the nation as more people discover the terrific world of steeds. Involvement in equine events is at an all-time high. Nearly 2 million Americans have equines, and millions more wish to.

In fact, a recent study discovered three from five adults would be happy if they were given an equine as a gift. And, a bulk is interested in horseback riding while on vacation, attending a rodeo and going to a horse race.

With interest in equines rising, it’s not a surprise that more Americans are lastly getting included. They are taking vacations at guy ranches, going on relaxing trail trips to de-stress after work, skipping health club workouts to satisfy physical fitness routines on horseback, and even utilizing equines to teach kids responsibility and self-confidence.

And more significantly, they are discovering inexpensive alternatives.

“Getting involved is easier and more economical than you might believe,” stated Bill Brewer, executive vice president of the American Quarter Horse Association. “With our nationwide network of expert horsemen, AQHA can connect people – despite interest level, age or income – with equines. It’s exactly what we do best.”.

Maker discussed a number of cost-effective options for delighting in horses without the cost of ownership, such as leasing, time-sharing, vacationing at a ranch or taking driving lessons.

“With these inexpensive choices, there has actually never ever been a better time to get started,” he said.

AQHA is making it easier than ever to get included by offering a present set for $30. The set consists of a Breyer design steed, a book about American Quarter Horses and a certificate great for one free riding lesson from a regional expert trainer in your area.

“This present is an easy way to make a dream for a horse become a reality,” Brewer stated. “A lesson on a trustworthy type like the American Quarter Horse, which we call the ‘golden retriever of the equine world,’ is a fun and safe method to be introduced to the pleasure of a life with horses.”.